Konvokesyen Picture

This photo was taken when we're back from the Konvokesyen Ceremony 

Heyy guys - today post gonna be short . I wanted to show you guys - gambar yang aku amik masa pergi Konvokesyen Perak hari itu .

This pic was taken after the Konvo Ceremony too :)
I forgot her name (baju kurung kelabu) naybe her nme is Che'Na i think o3o
Was taken when Yan family taking a photoshoot.
Yeahh it was a PLESSING time for her xD
and me in it ;D 

Kak Dayah with her boyfriend woo <3
Okayy thats all . Sorry i really want to upload more but it seems my streamyx is a slow today Muahahaha . Yeah ada gambar aku pakai jubah Konvokesyen tuh . It was nice and err big too HAHA . doesnt suit me at all and kelakar kehkehkeh okaay guys Assalam :)