Mom :)

Hey buddy :(
Today HAHAHA is really sucks . Aaah i hate it when people keep forcing me what to do ; and ya allah - I HATE IT SOO MUCH .
Sorry guys - i actually wanna act cool from the beginning - then aku rosakkannya dengan melakukan perkara yg tidak wajar . Sorry if you guys scared with my behaviour and i know that im a bad girl :) I accept that and heyy - BAD GIRL huh ? Sounds nice Hahaha ! Today my brain got somehow "TERBALIK' ? YEAHHH mcm tuhlah xD.

Dear Mom :
Who am i in your life? Im just your faithful and stubborn daughter.If i was granted two wish from you , i hope that you always love me more than more than ANYBODY in this whole world' and i wish i can catch my Freedomness in my life. I know that i always yell at you , tryin' to be selfish and become a faithful daughter - and by that ; im truely sorry for wht i did and i hope that someday youll always smile, hug and kiss me everyday in my whole life . Mom ; life is short ; i know that- and ill accept that if Allah take my life before you - iloveyou Mom and i always will .
And i will try to accept to whom you love most. I dont care as long as you by my side - holding my hands and back up me to keep move forward :) and there - i will pay all your kindness, Dad too :)
Sorry Mom and Dad ; im not a good person (: im sorry . . .