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Hey guys . My head kind of ache *HAHA thinking a lot of stuff today in my room .
im thinking about my friends , my family and what will i do with the rest of my life .
Life is short; day after day i waste my time doing nothing :)


I lay down ; thiknig about my friends - thinking about their thought about me , fikir pasal ; am i good enough to be their friends or not ? what about my mouth - do i saying bad stuff about them ; and when i flashback what im doin' in the past - then im thiking im the worse :)

Im sorry friends for hurting you , sorry mom for doing nothing but just yell and yaawn whenever you ask me to do not something but anything . Maybe deep in my heart say - SORRY SORRY SORRY- but i keep repeating the things that making me felt really worse to live and move on.
Youre so damn lazy , thats why -,-
Just making strength on yourself o move on is not enough
HAHAHAHA - boooo i remain as i am now :)
ill never changed myself - my temperness :)
i will smile , people thoughts cant change me so easily .

Aaah today i think 3 people annoyed me and FCK my heart like WTH -,-
Sorry meja , pintu dan buku yg aku baling sane sini .
Sorry my friends - mesti jemu tetiap hari tengok aku mengamuk . Wheeuu :(
Yehh crap today i cried a lot thinking about her .

Awak - kalau awak dh benci sngt nak kawan ngn saya jgnlh awak dekat2 , baik2 ngn saya . Jujur cakap - awak pergi tengok dekat cermin . Nampak sngt awak meluat tengok sayaa . Awak jgn lah awak ckp ngn saya kalau awak terpaksa kite boleh putus kawan and awa forever hidup senang :)) Amin hope awak dapt 8A . Jgn smpai saye terpaksa tampar awak baru awak nak sedar :)
Awak jgn lah susahkan hidup saya

Okayy guys . gotta go :) Jaa .