the big war and love (?)

Yeaah ladies and gentlemen ;
this 20th May gonna be a big war for us ; STUDENTS and all my form 3 friends .
and im gonna tried hard to face it and achieve what i want from this exam :)
Act, aku takut gilAa dah nak exam nih . I haveto read form 1 and 2 ditambah lagi dengan form 3 hahaha life is soooo predictable - hey IZET DONT BREAK IT .
Hhaha - i wish you all a very good lucK HAHAHA insyallah ill pray for you guys and i hope you guys as well pray for my success . ILOVEYOUGUUYYSS

Yeahh my phone is now UN-USED. Sorry Muhd Harith i hurt you too much, and if i was you - i really cant bear it anymore .
I hurt you and i dont understand your feelings to me and im soo sorry for wasting it.
Sorry saya memang susah nak faham lelaki and saya tak faham apa yang awak nak pada saya.
Saya nak kita jadi kawan , kawan biasa ; taklebih dari itu.
Im tired with this - awak; awak cari lah perempuan lain .
Saya malas nak couple ; sampai mana awak tunggu pun - saya tk mungkin boleh terima awak .
Saya minta maaf sangt2 :'( .
After what youve done for me - and i wasting it LOL im soo sorry Muhd Harith .
Lets just be friends . Thats all what i want . Please understand me :'(